dinsdag 26 november 2019

​Jupio USB Battery Fast Charger

Charge without boundaries!

USB powered devices are very convenient. You don't need to worry about the right plug (EU/ UK/ US/ AUS), you can charge everywhere.

With this thought in mind Jupio now introduces the JBC0120, a new and fast USB charger for AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. With a charge current of 450mA your empty batteries are ready to go again before you know it. The Jupio USB Battery Fast Charger charges a maximum of 4 batteries at once, but you can also charge 1 battery if you like because of the 4 separate charge channels. The charge status of all 4 batteries is shown by an LCD-display with a backlight, which keeps you informed day and night. The JBC0120 is very light weight (65 grams), so it's ideal to carry with you on all your holidays or business trips.

You can buy this product at your local Jupio dealer.

Product specifications:
SKU: JBC0120
EAN code: 8719743931329
Charges: AA / AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Charge Indication:: LCD
Input: 5V-1A (Micro-USB)
Charge Channels: 4 (1-4 pieces AA / AAA)
Charge current AA / AAA: 450mA
Recommended retail price incl. VAT: € 19,95
Warranty: 3 years